Growing Communities – Project Update

Growing COmmunities Pic June 2020

The project village has reached a stage of maturity with all four elements now up and
running – i.e. school, church, agriculture and health post. This project serves the very
needy, widespread local villagers in Kalulanama in Serenje District.
The leadership team of Grace Sholoma, Jastin Sholoma, Evans Mubanga and Nicholas
Kambilombilo have achieved a great deal over the past six years.
The school has been functioning well, with over sixty pupils, (roughly equal numbers
of boys and girls) with two young teachers and plans for a second classroom when funds are available. The curriculum includes life skills such as sewing and gardening as well as literacy, numeracy and other subjects. Sports days are popular with children and parents and there is an active parent-teacher group.

The afternoon adult literacy programme has 15 adults – 13 women and 2 men.
The agricultural work is progressing well, under Jastin’s management, and villagers are working together, learning improved methods for growing a wider range of crops. Maize, soya bean and millet are being grown in the fields and egg plants, tomatoes, rape, carrots and sweet potatoes in the irrigated vegetable garden. Some field crops have been badly affected by floods, followed by drought conditions, but they are hopeful that overall there will be an acceptable harvest.    Pigs and guinea fowl have been introduced.
The Health Post was completed in February, to Government specifications, with Grace
in charge, and over 500 people have attended. The local Chief, Chief Kabamba, is very
supportive and the Government is supplying some medicines.

Priority needs are for the second classroom and for a more reliable tractor and truck –
both break down frequently in spite of Nicholas’ expert attention

At the date of this update – late June 2020 – the school remains shut due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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