AGM Report – 16th November 2019


Our 51st AGM took place on November 16th 2019 at the Zambia High Commission in London with grateful thanks to the then High Commissioner, HE Mr Muyeba Chikonde.  Fifty five members listened to our Chairman, John Barnard (pictured) present his report, with our Treasurer, Andrew Rose additionally presenting the financial facts and figures.

After a break for a buffet lunch the afternoon session started with First Secretary for Trade at the High Commission, Mrs Irene Chengo, thanking the Trust for their work and their support given to Zambia , Mrs Chengo also gave details of the new High Commissioner due to arrive in the UK on November 24th.

We then heard from Dr Karen Treasure about her charitable work with Solar Empower Zambia.  Zambia has for some years experienced severe power shortages due to a variety of issues including deforestation, and in an attempt to reduce reliance on charcoal and firewood Dr Treasure initiated a project to harness solar power to heat water for laundry and cook food in rural locations.  She has designed a parabolic solar cooker:

Solar EmpowerCompletely powered by the sun with no maintenance required, Dr Treasure successfully crowdfunded back in 2015 and has so far supplied 200 of these units into communities to try to reduce the reliance on charcoal and firewood.  The project is on-going.

Mr Simon Bransfield-Garth, the CEO of Azuri Technologies Ltd spoke next.  Azuri has recently launched a pay-as-you-go solar satellite television and home lighting system into Zambia. Azuri-Technolgies-Ltd-bannerThis has the capability of transforming the lives of people in rural communities who have no access to conventional power and who cannot afford a generating set or the costs of setting up their own solar array.  Combining solar and mobile payment innovation with efficient products, Mr Bransfield-Garth explained how Azuri brings affordable modern consumer goods and services to millions in sub-Saharan Africa.  They are currently working on other equipment such as a small fridge to further improve lives.

Thank you to our guest speakers and to our members and friends for supporting us at this AGM.

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